The room smelled of salt, his breath was cooler than the humid air surrounding us, and it seemed as if our play-by-play’s were in slow motion as he awkwardly hovered over me. His auburn beard tickled my abdomen as he gently kissed and caressed my breasts. His actions were further exhilarating by the mere fact that we were fucking in a hostel bunk bed with three other women asleep in the room–his hand pressed against my mouth as I moaned.

“Shhh,” he whispered, slipping his thumb into the corner of my mouth and thrusting harder.

I’d met him that day in Byron Bay. We had spent the evening bar hopping together. At first, it was hard to tell if he’d caught me eyeing him from across the bar, but as I left Woody’s that night, he followed in interest.

He must have liked the way my hips moved to the beat of the punk rock band that graced The Northern that night–He couldn’t keep his eyes off me. And when our friends slipped away–punk rock isn’t really their scene–he gently slid his hand around my waist before leading us to the beach that night.

One shoe off and the other thrown to the sand, there had to be fifty people on the beach that night–naked. Us among them. He made it to the waves far before me, but I didn’t mind. It cleared the way for me to walk slowly to the water, his eyes easily drawn. I resisted placing my hands over my body and kept them confidently at my sides–“I am beautiful,” I’d tell myself.

When I got to him, he picked me up and swung me around his side then pulled me in. He stared at me for a short time before gently bringing his lips to mine. I felt like I was in a movie–naked, straddling this rustic man in the midst of crashing waves making our kisses salty and sensual.

Our bare feet and half bare bodies made their way back to the beach hostel, clothes in hand. My mind wandered aimlessly trying to sum up a proposition–but where would we? The community bathrooms were disgusting and small, but both of us had others in our rooms. I finally decided on convincing him to come to mine, “the girls will all be sleeping, it’ll be fine.”

Coughs came from the other side of the room.

“This is weird.” He pulled out and turned over, slipped his briefs on, and left.


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